I’m glad you are here.

First of all, thank you for stopping by. Since you are on this page I assume you wanna know more about me in person. Hence, I wanna share with you an interesting journey of Digital Marketing with you.

I started blogging while I was in a dark space of my life. I had  MNC job that I was extremely proud of for the initial few years. As I spent a couple of years, once which was a dream situation suddenly felt like a curse.  I started jotting down my deep dark fears and thing that would inspire me in a  Wordpress blog. I could feel that because of my blog writing habit I got noticed by peers, managers, and acquaintances. They started noticing my work, my voice and it brought me opportunities and invites for events, concerts, started a CSR initiative from my company and next thing I know, I was interviewing many successful people, artists and amazing beings for my blog. I wrote 36 articles in a span of 1.5 years.

Digital Marketing still was mere an accident while I wanted to quit my secured job and start my own business, my parents denied. As they say, life unfolds and you will find blessing in disguise. My life took a U-turn after some convincing with parents I enrolled myself into Digital Marketing School. After a very long time, I felt like I was home.

Today i run a company called Sherchan Consulting. I do seminars, workshops, events and consult clients for Digital Marketing. I teach digital marketing in premium IT Institute in Kathmandu. I also help entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals define their strategy, streamline their story, branding, and marketing all online. I’m also a board member to silicon valley based Non-profit organization for chapter Nepal and I’m a proud Co-host of a podcast called Hot Potato Podcast.

It has been a beautiful journey of 7 plus years doing multiple jobs, navigating through some of life’s most awkward situations and turning every roadblock to an opportunity. Also, turn my multi passion into a career path and building a creative business of my own.

Often people ask me so what do I do in Digital Marketing? What’s my area of expertise?

I help individuals, companies, and clients to build their Online Strategy and Online branding. My expertise lies in the process of using the right tools, navigating through the right target audience, laying out best-proven strategies for product and service by building a digital brand with continuous consultation also building digital assets for the required campaign.

You will also find me mentoring or teaching  Digital Marketing online and offline. I love to share my knowledge and I truly believe knowledge hurts if it fails to find a creative outlet. Hence, I’m a part of many local events, guest lectures also seminars.

Professional Bio

Shweta Sherchan is a Digital Consultant, trainer, and founder of Sherchan Consulting, A Digital Marketing strategy company that provides personalized Digital services like consulting and Digital Asset development.

Her 4 years of journey in multiple industries and her straight forward approach at work make her the best fit for any startup, corporate or any non-profit organization. she has worked for reputed organizations in a past like M&S Holdings, Urban Nomads. She has a knowledge of real estate online marketing, a creative branding agency, and various mid-sized startups also corporate as she has spent a large amount as a freelance consultant and trainer.

My area of expertise:

Content Marketing Strategy
Personal Branding + Online Brand Building
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Wordpress Development  & Designing
Landing Page Designing
Lead Generation
Google Adwords (PPC Campaign both search & display)
Google Analytics