5 Tools Every Work from Home Professional Needs

Work from home in Nepal is becoming new normal. All thanks to the global pandemic. While you are working from home you may encounter some challenges hence you will require these 5 mandatory tools to overcome some of the existing issues working from home.

I’ve managed to compile a list of 5 tools that every work from home professional needs to help keep your productive-mood in check. This list of professional work from home  tools  has been curated over some time, and are the ones that have really worked for me. 

You can find alternatives to all these tools and you might like something different that works slightly better for you. This list is intended just as a guide to my own personal preferences, so feel free to do your research, and pick and choose the ones that are best for you. 

Here are the 5 tools every work from home professional needs:

Google Workspace

Used for: Everything

Price: Free (Premium Plans Available)

Alternatives: Office 365, Zoho Workplace

With the recent update, G-Suite is now called as Google Workspace. Imagine Microsoft suite but everything is stored in the cloud, you can use it anywhere, anytime on any device. Plus, you get the most amazing tools like calendar, Doc, Sheets, Slides, and more absolutely free. I also like how easy and efficient it is to create, collaborate, and communicate with my clients via G-suite. If you haven’t discovered it, log in to your account and play around!


Used for: Video Conference

Price: Free (Premium Plans Available)

Alternatives: Google Meet, Team Viewer

Zoom definitely provides a next-gen video conferencing experience with its HD video quality, seamless features, and great usability. Personally, I love using the share screen feature for my meetings, training, and webinars. It makes learning and explaining so much better than it used to before. Also, fun features like recording, plugins, or even virtual background make it the best in the game. 


Used for: Design

Price: Free (Premium Plans Available)

Alternatives: Over, Easil

If you know me well, you know how much I adore Canva. This easy-to-use design tool makes me feel like I’m an A+ graphic designer. From resumes to presentations to Instagram posts, I make every single thing using Canva. The actual magic lies in its huge inventory of templates, photos, videos, and elements to choose from. Seriously, it has just about anything you could think of for your work, and what’s great is all of those materials won’t cost you a single dime. You can check out Canva Tutorial on my Youtube Channel if you want to learn more about it.


Used for: Communication

Price: Free (Premium Plans Available)

Alternatives: Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts

Fun themes, custom emojis, and Giphy integration are parts of Slack I find delightful to use. I also love how its simple and functional interface improves my overall working experience. Another friendly thing about Slack is its integration with almost every communication and collaboration tools. This feature allows me to finish my work conveniently without leaving Slack. 


Used for: Task Management

Price: Free (Premium Plans Available)

Alternatives: Trello, Workzone

If I had to choose one ‘work from home’ tool that I’m loving right now it’s Asana. This tool is incredibly easy and versatile to use. It comes as a blank slate that you can adjust and customize as you go– it’s that flexible! I love how it helps me to stay in the loop on what’s coming up, what’s done, and what needs to be moved around. Plus bonus points for unicorns and Narwhal for taking some seriousness out of my work.


Again, these are my take on some of the best ‘work from home’ tools that every professional need. If you found your favorite one out of these, feel free to comment below. Till then, keep exploring for tools that work for you. Once you find it, it’s going to make your workflow Ah-mah-zing!

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