20 Online Business You Can Start In 2021 From Your Home

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Starting an online business from your own home in 2021 without a doubt is intimidating. However, once you get started with the right product or service & able to build an audience doing online business. There is absolutely no looking back. You can scale it up according to the need & absolutely can get started with no money at the beginning.

Lately, there are many people who are selling their product, service & content online from their home & becoming Homopreneur.

Not to forget starting an Online business isn’t easy but you can learn how to build an ONLINE BRAND with a step-by-step proven process. It is replicable and you can still have freedom & life outside work.

To help you get started, I’ve put together this comprehensive list of online businesses to start in 2021 from your home. Read them, see which you connect with, and start with one, it’s that simple!

If I missed any good ones, please share your online business ideas to start from home in the comments below!

Here are 20 Online Business you can start in 2021 from your home:

1. Selling Online Courses 

Starting an online business doesn’t have to be only about selling physical products. In fact, digital products like online courses and E-books are some of the easiest and quickest ways to make money. If you’re an expert in something, there’s likely an audience of people online who would pay to be an expert in your field—just like you.

With 4 years of experience as a digital marketer, I got to monetize my own expertise into three successful courses. You can check out mine if you’d want some references.

Check Out For Reference: Online Courses by Shweta Sherchan 

2. Online Consultation

Do you have expertise that you’d like to help people with? If so, then online consultation may be a potential option for you. Basically, you hop on a Zoom call / Meet call or call and provide assistance to your clients. 

This can be daily, weekly, or monthly calls. You don’t have to own an office or inventory. It’s pure consulting regarding any topic your business is based on. Personally, I think this is one of the best business ideas you can get started with zero to no money.

3. Social Media Management

We all spend too much time on social media, so why not get paid to put your expertise to work as a business idea? Today, every company—Startups or MNCs heavily invest their capital in maintaining their social media presence. 

You just have to stay on brand, share content creatively, and engage with customers, while getting those precious likes, hearts, and retweets, and upvotes. Over time as your business grows, add more service offerings and countless opportunities will come your way.

4. Youtube Channel

If you love the thought of being in front of a camera, now is the time for you to shine. Whether it be starting a vlog and getting ad revenue, selling products to your audience, or building a YouTube channel to create useful content– 2021 is a great time to get started. We’re also seeing an increasing number of opportunities for paid sponsorships in Nepal.

If you’ve got a large enough following, companies are more than happy to pay you to promote or mention their products and services in your videos. The best part is your videos don’t have to be slick and can be simple. Funny helps, too.

Check Out My Favourite Youtube Channels to learn more about how to use YouTube for business: Valuetainment, Marie Forleo, London Real, Beer Biceps, Digital Marketing for Entrepreneur   

5. Selling Products on Daraz & Hamrobazar

Believe it or not, Daraz and Hamrobazar have made selling just about anything online in Nepal easier with their seller programs. Now, you don’t need to spend money operating your own website or channels, just sign up for one of their programs and start selling directly without any hustle or bustle. 

With everyone diving in, the competition might get a little too fierce for the sellers, so research, prepare and strategize your online business properly. 

Check Out For Seller Programmes: Daraz Seller Program, Hamrobazar Seller Program  

6. Graphic Designing Service 

Having a formal degree or certification in graphic designing is absolutely going to be helpful here, but it’s also relatively easy to learn the foundations and basic principles on your own. There are so many easy-to-use design tools like Canva and Picsart that can help just about anyone with a bit of creativity and motivation to earn some bucks designing and selling posters, templates or Instagram feeds. 

You can start by watching some videos on Canva that are published on my Youtube Channel. Then, once you get to know your craft, offer design services to other businesses specializing in something nobody else has. Or use a Graphic design-based personalized product like Khwappa Cartoons, Pinches Art.

Check Out For References: Sagun Shakya, Shreyesh 

7. Photography, Videography

If you own a camera, starting a photography or Videography business could be a very natural way to turn your skills and passions into a profitable business idea. Start doing some free portrait shots for your family or friends to build up your portfolio, and then, slowly get yourself familiar with gears and the editing process. 

Plus, once you invest in some of your gears for your business, you can even make a little bit of extra money by renting it to others. Also, the key to succeeding here like every other creative business is to do something nobody else is doing.

Check Out PRO people Already making Big: AbhinBho, Jholey, Darshan Pokherel   

8. Video Editing Service

Videography and Video Editing might fall into the same category but they have their differences. Not every videographer is looking to provide Editing Solutions, and that’s when Video editors come into play. The business of this editing service can basically tap into upcoming YouTubers, People looking to use YouTube Videos for Business Reach & engagement. The key here is to figure out which market you’re comfortable serving and editing for.

Learn Tips & Tricks from PRO Video Editor: Ajay Thapa Magar 

9. Instagram Shop

Instagram recently added the ‘Buy’ and the ‘Shop’ feature which allows sellers to sell directly on the gram. If you are a small business willing to sell your products with minimum investment, this updated feature is the way to go. You can launch either your product or even brand on Instagram and find your target customers directly on the app. If you get your marketing skills right, hundreds and thousands of visitors can buy from you making it a very low-cost yet profitable business.

Check Out For References: Easy Online Shopping, Dhasoo, Foreveryng, Studio Sarcastic, Maya Handicraft 

10. Selling Clothes, Furniture, Electronics through Facebook groups & Market place

Like Instagram, Facebook also has a feature ‘Facebook MarketPlace’ which is more like an Online Garage Sale where anyone can sell products by connecting directly with their potential customers. With so many buyers and sellers using the marketplace and Facebook groups for such transactions, there’s never been a better time for you to start your own business here. 

It’s definitely growing, especially after the pandemic with its built-in targeting and product categorization feature, a tool tailor-made to increase your business sales. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and leverage such personalization features made just for you to start your own online business. 

Check Out For References: Kathmandu online secondhand sale, Secondhand in Nepal- Facebook Group, Facebook Marketplace, Kathmandu Moms

11. DIY Crafts & Handicrafts

Making and selling crafts specially personaized are becoming very popular among the Urban crowd. It is one of the first ideas people think of when starting an online business from home. I don’t deny there’s a lot of competition here, but the good news, though,  is that people love buying crafts. 

Just make sure to not try selling anything and everything. Also, choosing a specific product line can need only a few supplies making the overhead for your new business relatively low. Other than that, let your creations speak for themselves. 

Check Out For References: Tyre Treasures, Aama ko Koseli  

12. Online Thrift / Vintage Shop

Do you have a unique eye and salesman pitch for fashion and style? If so, you might want to consider running your own online vintage or thrift shop. With its booming popularity & rich consciousness for sustainable fashion, thrifting is getting popular. These types of stores are not usually a fast-track to riches but they definitely can help you make solid cash.

Also due to the pandemic, Online thrift stores can be one of the best business ideas to own when most people are looking at their budget to save up some money. 

Check Out For References: Dohoran, Antidote.go, Antidote.nepal, Vintage KTM 

13. Frozen Mo: Mo Business

What’s better to invest your money on than our unofficial national food ‘MO: MO’, right? The food industry is a never-ending industry where there’s neither maturity nor a decline phase. So, do your research and build up a viable model to start this online frozen Mo: Mo business when there’s already a demand for it. You can also try blending and adding some new flavors/sauces to differentiate your product from the rest. 

Plus, if you play your cards right and start building an online presence or following, you could easily parlay your success selling other on-demand foods to open up some additional revenues.  

14. Online Tiffin / Food Catering Business

Do you enjoy cooking for others? If you do, you can now turn that passion into profits by starting an online Tiffin and catering business from your own home. As people are getting busier in their day to day life & restaurants are quite frankly either too expensive or generic with the menu. It is a very approachable business idea as it involves doing what you’re probably doing a lot of, anyway, if you love cooking. Plus, you probably already have all the equipment and expertise you need to get started. 

As this idea is heavily built upon happy referrals, leverage your networking skills here, aim for rave customer reviews, and don’t be afraid to have consistency and varieties. 

Check Out For References: Tiffin Box 

15. Event Management or Event Decor ( Hosting Birthdays, Baby Shower, Bachelorette)

You need excellent management and organizational skills as well as the willingness to market yourself and your services to be fit for this business. One way to get started might be to focus on your own family events which can be simpler and less stressful to plan. This way you can go further into finding your zone and finally competing with not only other event management teams but even restaurants and hotels.

Remember that it is not only your experience which shall determine your success but besides it also largely depends on your networking, marketing, and negotiating skills. Also, try putting up some personal touch in your services for that little added effect. 

Check Out For References: Ichhya EventsGracysus Design, Balloon Decor Nepal

16. Share Trading

If you’ve got some stock market and financial credentials, share trading from the comfort of your home is the way to go. While it might provide you with a flexible lifestyle and great financial returns, it has some substantial risks as well. So, you need to properly plan your resources and mindset like any other online business if you are considering it for your livelihood. 

Besides, you can also try freelance consulting businesses to help people get maximum returns for their investment. It can be a lucrative side business but beware of jumping into financial trends like cryptocurrencies without fully understanding it. 

Check Out For References: Swagat Gyawali, Personal Finance by Shweta Sherchan  

17. Blog Or Online Media

While blogging in and of itself won’t require your money, but purchasing a domain and running some ads here and there might cost you some. Once you invest in your site, publish useful content consistently, and start monetizing the platform through ad space, sponsored posts, E-books, and digital products. Remember to not expect money rolling in as soon as you start your blogging journey, it takes some time and patience. 

But if you’re willing to put in some work and planning to do it for the long haul, blogging can be an extremely profitable and flexible business at the same time. You can check some of my blogs here!

Check Out For References: My sansar 

18. Fiverr Or Upwork 

Fiverr and Upwork can be a great place to land high-paying, work-from-home projects and build up your diverse portfolio. You don’t need tons of experience or knowledge to get signed up by a client. It’s just simple tasks like designing a logo, banners, animations, and typical creative tasks. It definitely won’t grow up to be a million-dollar business, but you can still use it as a platform to earn some funds for your next big business idea. 

Check Out: Fiverr, Upwork  

19. Homework / Research / Thesis Assignment / Content Work

If you don’t mind essays, assignments, and even content writing, this is perhaps the cheapest business you can start right now. Allocate some of your free time to it because tons of people can pay you to edit and proofread their thesis, college works, essay, and content.  Besides students, many businesses also pay a hefty amount for someone to do their market and competitor research. 

Be meticulous, and organized. Maybe you can establish a niche first to market your services better. Attend workshops and meet-ups, but most importantly, write!

20. Air B&B

You can rent out your spare apartment or room on Air B&B’s site and make money with this legitimate home-based business idea. It is not just a way to earn some passive income for yourself, but you can pretty much build a business out of it now. Like resorts and hotels, the place needs cleaning every time a guest calls, and you can even offer add-ons and personalized experiences for an extra charge.  

Check Out: Air B&B 

If you were looking for online business ideas to start from home that would be cost-effective, flexible, and fit your skills, I hope you found one from the list today. If not, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, take any one idea and run with it. The market for online business will continue to grow so, don’t wait any longer and don’t put it off until next year!

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